Dear Clients, Dear friends,

We inform you that, in France, we are in a particular situation as most of the countries touched by Covid19. We follow, for sure, the instructions provided by the Government for the employees' health. And respecting some strict rules, we decided to maintain our activity.

To be transparent with you, here is how we achieve to do that. We work at home most of the time and for the production steps that need to be processed in our workshop, we planned some schedule to have only one people at a time. This way, we are sure never being in contact with anyone. We must admit that this organization is sad but it is the only way to be safe for us and our families. As a consequence, all the orders and preparation of orders are still in progress. If you have any question, use the email. 

And we wanted to add one point, keep in mind that our future depends on the way we manage this crisis. Personnaly, we need to behave safely to protect everyoone against the virus. And professionnaly, even if we are supposed to be helped by the State, we wonder if it will be enough.  We prefer counting on our work... That is another element that made us think of continuing activity. Remember: one euro spent in our shop makes us capable of remunerating our employees! In a nutshell, we live and feed our families thanks to you! This is as simple as that ;-) so thank you for being there with us in such a moment.

Besides all this serious consideration, we thought of something that could help if you are "isolated" at home or affected negatively by the anxious atmosphere. We would like to create a hastag : #PetitCycliste where all of you could take pictures of your figurines. Let's be creative, have pleasure by going back to childhood! ;-) This way, we could see that our work is not as useless as it could seem in this terrible moment! And we would feel less "alone"... 

We send to all our clients all our kind thinkings! Take care of you and your family, we will only go through all of this if we are united and caring!

All the team is united in the effort of continuing providing you with the best products and wish you and your family health.