08/23/2020 - The development of our company depends on you!

Hello to you,


On Friday, you received information about a new project that drives our company. Today, Sunday, I take some time to explain what it is, the why and the how.


My company is now over 8 years old and we have succeeded in developing a certain know-how that had disappeared. We, former bankers and corporate finance experts, have become , website developer, SEO expert, graphic designers, model painters, accountants, community managers, etc.


And for what purpose?


Offer a 100% French product to cycling fans: the little metal cyclist with the colors of the Ancients (Molteni, Peugeot, Renault, Bic, etc.), those of the Moderns (Deceuninck, Groupama FDJ, Sunweb, Bora, etc. ), and the Nationals (France, Germany team jersey, etc.). It took us months (if not years) to reach the level of quality we had set for ourselves.


We have created a fully-fledged workshop and our suppliers are all French, our raw materials are French ... and our know-how is recognized far beyond our borders (we sell in Japan, New Zealand, Colombia, United States, Canada, of course !, in Europe, of course, etc ...)


But that is not enough for us, we want to do more. We have children and maybe one day they will take over but in the meantime they are 7 and 9 years old. And like all children, they want to have fun… with the little bikes… And they do it with the collectible figurines that we produce… But, and yes, there is a “but”, a bicycle race is accompanied falls, frenzied sprints, punctures, and that… collectible metal figurines, they don't like too much!


So we have to move on to another step: the plastic figurine! Versatile, unbreakable, fun, transportable, all-terrain, etc. But offering plastic figures is good. Offering plastic figurines made in France is better!


This is the genesis of this project: to set up the tooling, the mold and the production line in Hauts-de-France, we need funds but also to be sure that it is indeed a “need” of our customers. We clearly sense this desire of consumers to be "responsible", "engaged", "consumer-actor".


I simply suggest that you continue the process with us! Every act counts, every sale brings us closer to the goal which is ambitious but, you know me, I can assure you that we will be successful. And we will succeed together because it is together that we can take charge of our consumption. To show our children the way, to prove to us that we have a role to play in our society, to build something… different. While you are fans of cycling (or not), whether you are a citizen of your consumption (or not), whether you are sensitive to my message (or not), whether you need to give a gift to your children, husbands, wives, etc. (or not), know that each contribution is essential to the success of this project. I'm counting on you ???? and here is the link to share and / or to contribute: ulule.com/petitscyclistes!